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Carl Incerto

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Get To Know Carl

Carl is a hairstylist and master colorist who has had a lifetime experience working with clients in the year round summer weather of Hawaii. He works with women and men and knows how to apply and preserve color in the Desert heat and pools. Carl is inspired by the natural radiance of his clients and works with each client to bring out balance at their natural best.  

Carl has worked with hair fashion experts Vidal Sassoon and Jose Eber and moved from New York to Hawaii where he developed his personal and unique art. He has worked with many celebrities as well as hair fashion experts Vidal Sassoon and Jose Eber.

Carl is a world traveler and spirit seeker. He now lives in Palm Springs where he strikes a balance within all his creative outlets - hair and art. As an artist, he is known for boldness and color. Philanthropy is in his essence and his art supports various non-profit and awareness including mental health. Carl is an Italian from Brooklyn, New York who started at a very young age in Fashion Film Design in the 70’s.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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